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Cortina Puerta

Cortina Puerta

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With an even grid pattern that is more tightly woven than our Cortina Maguey, the Cortina Puerta is designed to hang in a french door or tall window to catch the sunlight and offer a degree of privacy. 

Tactile, delicate yet strong, and evocative of fishing nets, these hangings can slide onto a curtain rod or dowel.

The Cortina Puerta and Cortina Maguey are the result of a collaborative design process between Twenty One Tonnes, Hermano Maguey, and Susana Vicente Galan. 

Each piece celebrates the ancient material it's made from. Made in Oaxaca from fibres of the maguey plant, the process is intensive. First maguey leaves are pressed until all but the fibres remain. The resulting tangle is combed and whipped into smooth strands, and then twisted into lengths of slender cord. This cord is then set into a treadle loom on which each piece is woven by hand.

Susana Vicente Galan comes from a long family tradition of weavers in Teotitlan del Valle, where she learned to weave on a treadle loom when she was 8 years old. While her ancestral tradition is to weave wool carpets, Susi was happy to experiment with maguey fibre because she believes tradition can evolve.

Learn more about Hermano Maguey HERE.

Made by hand in Oaxaca, Mexico
Made to order, custom sizing available
Dowel not included
Ships in a cardboard tube

76” L x 27” W  |  193 x 68cm


*Measurements include top loops. As these pieces are made entirely by hand from natural materials please expect slight variations in tone, texture, and size.

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