PROCESS | our maguey collection from field to loom

PROCESS | our maguey collection from field to loom

We're so pleased to share this photographic journey from maguey field to loom, and the many steps and hands it takes to make our Maguey Collection. Photographer Rosalinda Olivares visited Gregorio, Hugo, Rocio, and Susi in Oaxaca, Mexico to capture three stages of this labour intensive process. 

First maguey leaves are harvested and pressed until all but the fibres remain. The resulting tangle is washed, dried, whipped and combed into smooth strands. Then the blonde horse-hair like strands are twisted into lengths of slender cord. And finally this cord is set into a treadle loom on which each piece of the collection is woven by hand.



























































The Cortina Silla, Cortina Puerta and Cortina Maguey comprise our maguey collection, and are the result of a collaborative design process between Twenty One Tonnes, Hermano Maguey, and Susana Vicente Galan. It's an honor to work with this talented group of craftspeople, and we're very proud of the special pieces we've produced together.


Images by Rosalinda Olivares.

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