STUDIO  |  maguey installation

STUDIO | maguey installation


We're thrilled to be able to showcase our Maguey Collection on a grand scale in our new space.


These woven textile panels are the result of an incredibly labour intensive craft process that utilizes the leftover maguey leaves from mezcal production in Oaxaca, Mexico. If you haven't yet, we recommend taking a moment with Rosalinda Olivares' images of that process on our recent journal post: PROCESS | our maguey collection from field to loom



Image by Rosalinda Olivares


Made from leaves of the maguey plant (also known as agave or espadin), first the leaves are pressed until all but the fibres remain. The resulting tangle of blonde fibres is whipped and combed into smooth strands, and then twisted into lengths of slender cord. The cord is set into a treadle loom on which each piece is woven by hand.



Image by Rosalinda Olivares


Our Maguey Collection is the result of a collaborative design process with our partners at FIBRA, a project of Hermano Maguey, and Susana Vicente Galan, a weaver from the renowned textile craft community of Teotitlan del Valle in Oaxaca. We have endeavoured to produce it in a way that honors the traditional craft process and the indigenous Oaxacan families at its centre.





See the Maguey Collection in person at our new space in Northeast Los Angeles. Book your visit HERE.


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