SECONDS SALE  |  craft skills training

SECONDS SALE | craft skills training

We're having a SECONDS SALE!



Why do we have seconds?

The women’s organization that we work with in northern Ghana - SWOPA - offers skills training to community members (mostly young women). We purchase many of the pieces made by trainees for two reasons:

  • to support SWOPA's effort to give young women marketable skills,  and
  • to support their mission to preserve knowledge of traditional craft by passing it down to the next generation




Many of these pieces don’t make the cut, but some turn out to be our favorites, and even new products. Our beloved peaked fawn shade was just such a beautiful 'mistake'.

Our seconds sale is on now! You can support the above and find a light shade for an amazing price - 

$45 - small
$60 - medium
$100 - large
$250 - extra large


Available for purchase in person at our LA studio, or by virtual visit. Be the first to make a studio appointment and choose your perfectly imperfect shape.











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