IN THE STUDIO  |  our new materials installation

IN THE STUDIO | our new materials installation

Our stunning new studio installation is complete and we can't wait to share it with you!

Twenty One Tonnes hand crafted lighting

Twenty One Tonnes Studio raw materials art installation


Using natural materials in design is central to our philosophy: we believe that objects crafted from natural local materials enhance the health and beauty of our surroundings, ensure the wellbeing of artisan communities, and preserve the natural environment.

We wanted to create a studio installation to showcase and celebrate the plant materials used by our traditional craft partners:

GRASS        MAGUEY       PALM

These local indigenous plants are harvested and processed to make our woven lighting, sculptural basketry, and hanging textile pieces.

Twenty One Tonnes studio art installation

Twenty One Tonnes ethical homewares


We were lucky to work with an amazing local designer on this project. ISA ISA is a floral design studio based in Los Angeles. They create emotive, weird, and wonderfully inspired environments. Founded by Sophia Moreno-Bunge, ISA ISA is named after her Argentine grandmothers, both of whom are called Isabel.

Sophia and her team created a distinct alcove for each material: suspending artfully bunched grasses, travelling palm fronds up a wall, and potting live maguey plants within our woven sculptures. The effect is breathtaking.

Here's the team building out the installation at the TWENTY ONE TONNES studio -


The installation is on view during our weekly open studio hours and by private appointment.

OPEN STUDIO | Tuesdays 11am - 2pm
200 N San Fernando Rd
LA 90031

Our entrance can be tricky to find! Look for our recessed front door on N San Fernando Rd at the north end of the block.

Twenty One Tonnes design installation

Twenty One Tonnes sustainable design

Twenty One Tonnes studio floral installation

design installation

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