Promenades Sur L'eau

We were honoured to be a part of Promenades Sur L’eau earlier this month, a fashion show that explored the role clothing can play in making our oceans cleaner and healthier.  The Vancouver Aquarium hosted six Canadian designers that use  sustainably and ethically sourced materials.  Our egg baskets accompanied Vestige Story's aquatic-inspired collection.
 One of our favourite Vancouver-based labels,  Vestige Story uses mainly natural or plant-based fabrics in their designs, many of which are organic and biodegradable, and they manufacture locally in very small batches.
Below are some images of their gorgeous collection featured at the show.
Photographer - @etsukophotography
Clothing - @vestige.story
Baskets - @twentyonetonnes
Models -, @cwlsk, @shelikesnoone, @wooo.angel

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